Join our Low Carb and Keto CHALLENGES! These support programs are for people wanting to lose weight, achieve a healthier lifestyle or combat metabolic disease or diabetes.

Prepare to reclaim your body and your health, as our Registered Real Food Dietitian, Bridget  guides you every step of the way: These Challenges have been specially designed to provide the individualized dietary interventions that help our individual clients achieve weight-loss and health success, as well as heaps of information and resources used in our follow-up consultations and trainings. Plus, more exclusive content designed just for these challenges! We want to do everything we can to help you succeed, so goal-setting and monitoring, and support and accountability, are also key components of these challenges.


Start date

Please email info@realfooddietitians.co.za for  start dates.


Our past Challengers share their experience from the Challenge:

  • Loss of belly fat:
    “I have had to take in the waistband of two pairs of trousers – i enjoyed that!”
  • Weight loss:
    “For the first time in many, many years I was dressed head to toe in female clothing! No more buying men’s cycling gear because it is the only thing I could fit into etc.”
  • A learning experience:
    “Wow! At the end of this journey, I’ve learnt a lot. the videos and weekly “lessons” have been really helpful.”
    “I LOVE the live videos, and videos from external people being posted. I’ve watched them all, and I’m learning so much!!”
  • Improved control over hunger, eating and cravings:
    “I sat at a table where my companions were enjoying pizza (my kryptonite) and can honestly say I wasn’t tempted as I had steak and salad before going out.”
  • Improved joint pain:
    “I did my usual shop this morning and was surprised to find when I got back to the car that my joints were not feeling so tired. It then occurred to me that I have not been so tired and achey after my walks either – in spite of the greater effort. Wow!”
  • Improved diabetic control:
    “My sugar readings have been the lowest in ten years.
    I will persevere because you’ve shown me that it’s entirely within my reach to improve my quality of life.
    I’m ready now. It’s my time. We’re doing this together.”
  • Support:
    “I was always keen on LCHF but needed the ‘human’ back-up that you provided as a safety net to go for it 100%.”
  • Success:
    “Thank you so much for the whole programme, the eating plans and recipes etc. It has really benefitted me and started me on the next chapter!”


We hope to instil in everyone that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change to achieve a healthier weight and improve your health.


To book your place in a Challenge or for any questions please do not hesitate to contact info@realfooddietitians.co.za


Yours in Health


Real Food Dietitians